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The writings of a wife who loves her husband and family more than anything except Jesus. From a Christian truth seeker/natural health/homesteader point of view. In that order.



Good 5G video…how to protect yourself and why

I’ve been looking into the coming 5G for awhile now, I admit it has me a bit freaked out.  I don’t think I’ve posted on it yet, but I need to start before I can’t.  This was a great video about the dangers and some things you can do to protect yourself.  Please watch.


James Corbett on strange sociological trends and eugenics

Saw this the other day….an interesting short commentary on society today.  I see this alot online whether it be on Facebook, You Tube, whatever.  People will defend their position with great hostility, whether or not they are even right.  Even if you can defend your position with many legitimate studies and news sources, if it doesn’t match their narrative…you are just dumb.  You’re wrong.  You’re crazy.  You’re a tinfoil hatter.  It’s as though many have lost their ability to think.

In case you’re further interested in this topic, here’s an oldie but goodie, also from the Corbett Report…”You Are Being Sterilized”.  Consider this was from 2009…things are much further along now.

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