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Heirloom Gardening: Helios Radishes

So far we’ve had an abundance of fresh greens (which has been lovely!)…and these beautiful radishes!

There are a few red ones tucked in there too… but the yellow ones are Helios radishes. They were good…I’ll plant them again!  Got them here…(not an affiliate link).

Homemade Toothpaste

We’ve been using “organic” fluoride free toothpaste for several years…it seems like no matter what we do, our kids burn through about a tube a week.  At $4.50 or more a tube, that adds up fast.  I hate having to pay through the nose just to avoid fluoride and some of the other junk in conventional toothpastes.  I recently saw this recipe for homemade toothpaste, and thought I’d try it.  I had no cost outside the GoToob (link shown) as I already had everything needed.

Homemade Diatomaceous Earth Toothpaste from Love Love Thing

***Due to fears of my bathroom sink solidifying shut from coconut oil, I did do what she mentions in this post – using 3 T. coconut oil and 3 T. olive oil instead of 6 T. coconut oil.

I mixed this up yesterday, and we’ve been able to use it a couple times.  We were just using Earthpaste, and I must say I like this better.

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Looks horrible, I know.  I posted this on Facebook, and a friend said it looked like newborn baby poop.  🙂  True story.  At least it tastes decent!  And it has alot of tooth remineralizing properties, which will be great for all the dental issues we’ve had over the past year.

I also bought this nifty little GoToob on Amazon.  So far so good as far as how that works.  (**I’m not an affiliate, link for informational purposes only.)  Almost all of the toothpaste fit into the 3 oz size.  I had just a dab that wouldn’t fit.  It does not spoon in easily, I had to use a funnel and the flat end of a kebab stick to cram it into the tube.  But I think we will like this, and it will be a nice cost savings from what we were doing.

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Our Chicks Are Here!

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Our chicks are here!

We always get our birds from Cackle Hatchery.  They are the best!

We live in town, but have a variance to have up to 12 laying hens (no roosters).  If you are interested in having backyard chickens, find out what your city’s rules are.  It is getting more popular, and more places are allowing them.

Breeds above are Barred Rock and Buff Orphington.  Both are docile and good backyard chickens.

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