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The writings of a wife who loves her husband and family more than anything except Jesus. From a Christian truth seeker/natural health/homesteader point of view. In that order.


John Haller

Weekly Bible Prophecy Updates: Farag, Haller and Proclaim His Word

This was one of Farag’s best updates – 7/30/17.  I was a puddle by the end.  I love this brother, I can’t wait to meet him in glory some day.


John Haller – 7/30/17


Weekly Roundup with Mark and Laura (Proclaim His Word You Tube channel):


Bible Prophecy Double Header: JD Farag and John Haller 3/5/17

Not much real news left, thankful for these men.  Please pray for them.


Bible Prophecy Double Header 2/19/17: Farag and Haller

Bible Prophecy Double Header: Haller and Farag 1/22/17

John Haller:


JD Farag:

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