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The Secret War on Millennials

Here’s an interesting set of videos I came across today.  Four brief videos, about an hour total, describing just how the “millennial” generation has been created through music, media and social media.

Not just to pick on millennials…this started back after WWII with the creation of “teenagers”, which this You Tuber does note in the first video.  It’s a progression to an end.

It’s a rather bleak look at the creation of this generation, interesting connections again where he mentions Edward Bernays and also government-sponsored MK Ultra programs.  If this concept is new to you, please see this post…and watch the video.



Edward Bernays: The Century of the Self

If you ever question, “How did we get here?” (culturally)…this documentary is a good one to watch.  It’s long but worthwhile…a detailed account of Edward Bernays, the father of modern day propaganda…and just how his influence continues to affect the culture today.

I am listening to a really good follow up to this now, and thought I’d post this first.  I’ll link the two posts later.

A better question than “How did we get here?” is “Why?”.

My apologies in advance, I think there was a little bit of language in this.  Just a warning, you might not want to watch with kiddos around.


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